Tam Giang Eco Tour or Tam Giang Community-Based Tourism is under the management by ABS TRAVEL & TRADE Co., Ltd in Hue City, Vietnam.

We deeply specialize in organizing eco tours in Tam Giang Lagoon (new fascinating destination in Hue) and another eco tours in Thua Thien Hue Province. Tam Giang Lagoon is located along the beautiful and peaceful villages where is the meeting place of three big rivers, including O Lau, Huong and Bo rivers. The lagoon provides a livelihood, directly or indirectly to about 300,000 inhabitants of 326 villages in 31 communes around the lagoon. Those people who operate fishing gear in the lagoon are both fishermen and farmers. The local is hard working and friendly. Come to the rustic place, you will have chances to experience the simple real life of countryside and learn the exciting farming, fishing activities of the local people.

Tam Giang Eco Tour just connect you with the local and provides you some basic services and guide information about this area, not try to change or impact on the routine in this area. Besides, our tours also help you discover the value of simple life, bring you out of stressful life of a busy city to different atmosphere of peaceful, rustic landscapes and get you closer to the nature and friendly people in the countryside … Joining these tours, it means that you will join your hand to help the community in this area to maintain their tradition, culture … and share the happiness to children, local people [read more]

dam-chuon-lagoon, Tam Giang Eco Tour
What you may see:
  • Farmers are working hardly on beautiful rice fields
  • Children are riding on buffaloes or play games together on green grass carpets
  • Local people with daily activities of house work, hand washing, feeding castles, poultry

What you may join:

  • Visit the forgotten town Old town of Bao Vinh where once was the center of trading in late 17th and 18th century in Central Kingdom of Nguyen Lords
  • Learn about the daily life and fishing activities of typical fishing villagers; en route, you can make a stop at Thu Le, the central community meeting house for the region.
  • Learn how the local women make fish nets for the village.
  • Cycle around the villages, visiting vegetable farms and rice fields.
  • Learn the process how to grow water rice in the field
  • Learn how to make Vietnamese cakes from rice flour / cassava flour
  • Learn how to control or ride buffalo
  • Experience farming activities of planting, caring or harvesting the crops according to the season.
  • Enjoy boat trips across the lagoon, visiting aquaculture premises, observing how local fishermen use traditional methods to fish.

children-tam-giang-lagoon-tamgiangecotour, Tam-Giang-Lagoon, Tam Giang Eco Tour

  • Enjoy eating freshly caught seafood from Tam Giang Lagoon, along with locally grown organic vegetables.
  • After crossing Tam Giang Lagoon by boat, you can continue by bikes /motorbikes to Tan My beach.
  • Swimming at the Lagoon or the beautiful beaches, relaxing or enjoying many sports.
  • Visit bamboo weaving groups at Bao La village and talk with local artisans to understand this highly skilled craft.
  • Opportunities for visitors to stay overnight in tents or in homestay in Tam Giang or Tan My village
  • Join in the activities of a traditional floating market where people trade seafood on boat in Ngu My Thanh Village.
  • Join in the local festivals (if happen)

What you may share and help:

fishing-Kids-Tam-Giang-Lagoon, Tam Giang Eco Tour

  • Joining our tour means you contribute partly to help the community maintain their tradition and culture
  • Create new job for local people
  • Introduce local handicraft products to the world
  • See and share small happiness by meeting the local, especially children in poor area
  • Give away unused stuff to the local people in need

What to bring: sunglasses, insect repellent and one more cloth, or swimming suite in case you get wet when you do fishing, swimming activities, candies or unused things for children

About this website
It started in 2012 with a passion to get travellers off the beaten track. It is not only the the eco tour, but only the connection of tourists with local people to experience the real local life or help children or community in the area with certain useful acts. We want to introduce a new style of travel that together share and contribute to the community; and want travellers to become a part of a community – and not just tourists looking in. Wanting them to have fun, meet people, learn things, explore, and do stuff they could never do at home, to travel by anything and everything, and stay anywhere and everywhere! . Their core purpose is to enrich people’s lives by creating unique, interactive travel experiences. Providing fun, affordable and sustainable travel adventures that are beneficial to local communities.
DonationDonation to Tam Giang Eco Tour
These eco tours are called small projects. Any tours you book or your donation you share is going directly to our projects. 2-5% of profit is used for mainly helping the poor children on Sampan village in Tam Giang Lagoon area as committed