Getting travellers off the beaten track. It is not only the the eco tour, but only the connection of tourists with local people to experience the real local life or help children or community in the area with certain useful acts. We want to introduce a new style of travel that together share and contribute to the community; and want travellers to become a part of a community – and not just tourists looking in. Wanting them to have fun, meet people, learn things, explore, and do stuff they could never do at home, to travel by anything and everything, and stay anywhere and everywhere! . Their core purpose is to enrich people’s lives by creating unique, interactive travel experiences. Providing fun, affordable and sustainable travel adventures that are beneficial to local communities.

TAM GIANG ECO TOUR – Travel like a local
Your share + Your learn + Your experience

• Helping and sharing jobs and benefit for the local
• Promoting good practice to spread the idea of responsible travel
• Working with local suppliers and partners to achieve sustainable goals and practices.
• Benefit local communities both economically and socially.
• Conserve natural resources from the office to the destination.

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Helping the children to have a change of better study


Tour of planting tree activities to protect our environment and help the local against typhoon and flood

Inside the centre for social and rural development

Helping preserve diversity of aquaculture

tam-giang-eco-tour-sharing (Tam-Giang-Lagoon)