Hue architecture via garden houses, royal architecture in Hue, garden houses in hue

Hue architecture via garden houses

Hue’s garden houses not only creates intimacy with the natural vegetation but also the unique culture of the lifestyle of the people there.

From the internal supply out there to thousands of large and small gardens are formed and stored over hundreds of years . Each garden attached to a particular architecture, the system creates a unique garden in Hue .


Garden is also home to the king, the royal promenade, admiring the idle, not a few people who first set foot. So the garden structure has shown natural elegance of plants, flowers, leaves moderately exuding regal luxury of kings as, Members royal garden, Thieu Phuong garden, Mau Thuong garden … Nowadays King Garden system no longer exists, but only traces of old memories .

Hue architecture via garden houses, royal architecture in Hue, garden houses in hue

If the garden is a place to enjoy earthly pleasures look, the garden tomb is a place for nostalgic delusion. At present almost Hue retained in the old part designs Minh Mang tomb, Thieu Tri, Tu Duc , Dong Khanh and Khai Dinh systems … This is most clearly shown garden motif textured garden Hue traditional .

Tombs of the Nguyen kings were built long before the ice, so the construction process is carefully calculated from detailed glass structure, design the system works well balanced gardens harmoniously . Hundreds of years between the darkness of the tomb moss, garden plants still in bloom as the only student without aging, sickness and death .

Hue's garden houses Architecture 1


No gaudy royal garden supply garden tomb, Hue garden houses equally simple but elegant chic . Usually fenced garden with a row boat or hibiscus tea is carefully cropped. Architecture in the Garden is home to the wooden beam is meticulously carved, ornate as a place of worship of the ancestors, besides being a place in the side for the family members. Remaining space gardens, aquariums, bonsai grave … every area of 1,000 m2 garden Hue provinces and 15,000 m2 with many fruit trees flavors of both North and South as red velvet, logan, mangosteen, mango, tea bar, oranges, tangerines …

In addition to the daily economic value , Hue garden is a place for all who enjoy fun filled flower reward staff performance after the dinner jacket everyday worries. According to recent statistics, Hue is preserved homes are 2,800 large and small gardens in which more than 1,000 homes on 200 year old garden, concentrated in Phu Xuan, An ex , Vy Da, Tay Loc Thuan Thanh …

Many home gardeners have become special tourism address hidden garden, Chair and Liaison garden system in Phu Mong – Kim Long. System Hue garden houses made ​​bridge interference harmony between nature and human beings, made ​​in the cultural peculiarities of urban architecture in Vietnam.

Hue's garden houses Architecture 2


Hue is a Buddhist center of Central , Hue has more than 130 temples, Buddhist concept of large and small roads, including the family home nest, ancient longstanding reputation as Tu Dam, Thien Mu, Tu Hieu, National Security, Huyen Khong, teapot, Van Phuoc …

Architecture meditating subjects have swirled cultural Hue garden house architecture. So, how in Hue temple was built in the shade garden fruit straw. Garden Pagoda Buddhist fortune not only a place for all students but also a place to contemplate perhaps sense of cause and effect in life. Garden Pagoda Buddhist philosophy tinged with green that airy place such as abandoning the daily troubles and worries.

Although each type of garden has its own characteristics of purpose-built, space represents … but are located in the consistency of the architecture of Hue traditional garden house and has really become a culture characterized particular in urban architecture today.

Hue's garden houses Architecture 3

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