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Stress free – beautiful and interesting tour

I have visited Vietnam many times in different places. One of my friend recommended me and my friends to join Tam Giang Eco Tour operated by ABS TRAVEL. It is a special and hidden place in Hue that I have never seen. The company connect us with very friendly local people in the meals. Working with farmers was hard for us, but we liked it and learn a lot of experience to plant rices, cassava, water melon … The most interesting thing is activities on the Lagoon. You know, we love fishing, catching fish, clams … Then we do swimming, drink some beer and enjoy wonderful seafood from the Lagoon. Watching beautiful sunset and relaxing made us stress free
I love this place and I will come back

Programmer, Switzerland


“Relaxing and interesting trip”
I was on a motorbike tour to Tam Giang Lagoon. Upon reaching one part of the lagoon, I took a boat to a restaurant in the middle of the lagoon. Fresh seafood was served and the food was simple but delicious. I could relax or take a nap on the bamboo floor on the mats provided on the restaurant on stilts.

I took a boat to go around the lagoon after that and the sunset was beautiful. I opted for homestay at a village at Tam Giang Lagoon and I was given the option to go frog catching at night with the kids or wake up 3am to follow the fishermen out to sea. I was too tired so I opt that out and slept after late dinner to woke up 5am to visit the fish market. The sunrise was breath taking with beautiful changing colours in the sky and as the lagoon water is shallow, I could walk to the boats nearby which are coming in with fresh catch of the day. As I walked around, I could see prawns swimming in the water and clams hidden in the sand under my feet. The lagoon gets busier as the sun goes higher as more boats come back from the big boats further away and people started walking on the lagoon to the boats to buy seafood or fishermen were pulling their small boats or washing their nets around me. After the market, I visited a local village eating place for breakfast and had some noodles and coffee. It’s really good. I could do some farming at the vegetable plot and go around the village on the motorbike in the afternoon.

It’s a good 2days away from the city and it’s a good place for those who wanted to have a taste of the local village life. It’s a beautiful place for those who are interested in photography too. It’s been a good trip for me. Visited August 2013.

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Really educational

We took a tour on Tam Giang Eco Tour. Boat to the fishing village there. Nice ride and there was a great fresh seafood dinner served on board. A very fun and interesting tour. Being up close to all the fishermen and seeing them fish is really educational.

Julie, UK on 23 July 2012


We love Vietnam
“My friend Missy and I just wanted to let you know that we had a wonderful time in Vietnam. They made us feel like queens! Thank you so much for the amazing memories. We will definitely recommend your company to our friends.”
John Chow

“Just to let you know that we LOVED Vietnam and had a wonderful trip. All seemed to go smoothly. We will use your agency for your trip to Vietnam again at the end of 2012″
Jack Son

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